Our integrated European model – partnering



We have a long-standing culture of collaboration. We bring a broad range of skills and resources to a partnership, including development, regulatory, market access, manufacturing and supply and commercial capabilities as well as all other functions to be successful across Europe, Australia and New Zealand combined with local experience and knowledge.

What makes us different is  that we are able to structure deals in a variety of ways that can meet both Norgine’s and our partners’ strategic objectives.

In house products

We have successfully developed, manufactured and commercialised our own products, MOVICOL®, MOVIPREP® and PLENVU® through our infrastructure and our partners in territories where we do not have a direct sales presence.

In-licensed products

As the ‘go to’ European specialist pharma partner of choice, we have made available a range of leading specialist products from our partners that meet critical patients’ needs in gastroenterology, hepatology, cancer and supportive care. These include: TARGAXAN®, XIFAXANTA®, LYMPHOSEEK® ZIVEREL®, FERACCRU® and SETOFILM®.

Acquired products

We acquire products and companies to leverage our operating infrastructure across Europe and Australia. These include: DANTRIUM®, ENDOCUFF VISION®, MUGARD®, SINTROM®, EMSELEX®, ELANTAN®, ISOKET®, DEPONIT®, SALAGEN® and ESTRADERM® which are sold across Europe and other selected markets.